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Read Lisa's article from Massage Magazine about the skill of Interface touch which is a hallmark of Zero Balancing.


" The focus on balancing the underlying foundations of the body/mind puts Zero Balancing in a special category of healing. ZB allows clients to evolve on all levels, and to more fully realize their own health and potential"

— Fritz Smith, MD, Founder of ZB


Receiving ZB from Lisa Berger

Zero Balancing is a health-enhancing therapy appropriate for people who want to:

  • find a measure of balance during times of high stress
  • clear the lingering charge of past events
  • improve fluidity and ease of movement
  • access their strength, talent and/or wisdom

Zero Balancing is a safe and gentle therapy appropriate for most adults and children. However, some medical conditions may contraindicate Zero Balancing or call for a modification of its application. Considerations include: acute illness or debilitating disease, recent physical trauma or surgery, and early pregnancy.

When beginning to receive ZB sessions, Lisa generally recommends weekly visits for three weeks to build momentum and to assess how well Zero Balancing is addressing one’s concerns.  If the sessions have been helpful, Lisa will generally recommend less frequent visits.

Following this intensive phase, many people chose to receive a ZB every 4 to 8 weeks to address new issues, support personal growth, deepen their healing process, and/or enhance gains attained through various meditation practices and/or other forms of therapy.

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How ZB Came to Be

Zero Balancing has grown out of the life experience of Dr. Fritz Frederick Smith, an American Osteopath, Medical Doctor, and Acupuncturist, and certified student of Rolfing®, yoga and meditation.  Dr. Smith credits his father, a noted chiropractor, for
providing a positive inner reference for his work by handling him with quality touch from the very beginning of his life.

Dr. Smith developed Zero Balancing during the early 1970s when he had a particular focus on bridging the worlds of energy (acupuncture, yoga, meditation) and structure (osteopathy and medicine) through touch. The name Zero Balancing came from a client’s description of her experience of a session.  She felt like she was “brought back to balance, to zero balance.”

Dr. Smith has dedicated the past 30 years of his life to teaching Zero Balancing throughout the world and to the continued development of this art. He is the author of Inner Bridges: A Guide to Energy Movement and Body Structure (1975) and The Alchemy of Touch: Moving Towards Mastery Through the Lens of Zero Balancing (2005), as well as numerous articles and study guides about Zero Balancing.

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ZB Resources

Go to the
Zero Balancing Health Association to read about and order these and other resources.
Inner Bridges by Fritz Frederick Smith, M.D.

Experiencing the Power of Zero Balancing Edited Case Studies by Amanda King and Veronica Quarry
Zero Balancing by John Hamwee
The Alchemy of Touch by Fritz Frederick Smith, M.D.
A New Wind for Your Sails by David Lauterstein
Zero Balancing Overview (DVD or Video) by Fritz Frederick Smith, M.D.
The 15-Minute ZB (DVD) by Michael Oruch

Recommended article:
Zero Balancing by David Lauterstein

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