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Lisa Berger is compassionate, intuitive, and skilled in many healing practices. I would recommend her to anyone who seeks an alternative approach or who has not been helped by mainstream medicine. --Sharin A.


Deerfield Healing Arts offers customized energy treatments in a clear and peaceful environment. Click here to download a current Practice Policies document.

All of Lisa's healing arts involve skilled evaluation methods, precise contacts, and gentle stimulation. Treatment plans are based upon present moment interactions rather than diagnostic labels and protocols. Lisa's sessions often elicit immediate relief and/or the experience of being in a healing process. While both subtle and gentle, Lisa's energetic contacts typically give rise to a state of deep relaxation while on the treatment table.

Where information is relevant to treatment or self-care, Lisa may offer precise interpretations of intuitive information.  With her help, patients can better understand their pain, modify their habits and consider additional treatment options.

Treatment Sessions: Initial treatment sessions are 75 minutes and include an intake and goal-setting process, a thorough energetic evaluation, a treatment and recommendations for follow-up care. People who have experience receiving energy therapies like acupuncture and Zero Balancing may request a 45-minute tune-up for their first session. Follow-up sessions are generally booked for 45 minutes. If you would like Lisa to help your child, call to discuss consultation and treatment options. Self-care consultations without a treatment are also an option.

Zero Balancing Sessions at InBody: Lisa offers treatments in a clinic setting twice a month, usually on Thursday afternoons. In this clinic setting, Lisa treats two clients per appointment slot using comfortable touch through clothing on a massage table. Zero Balancing® improves mobility, relieves pain, sharpens senses, and facilitates self-confidence. Most people feel more free, grounded and joyful after a One-to-Two ZB Session. New clients may participate after a private session or consultation. Cost $35 - $25, based on need for reduced rate.

On the Day of Your Treatment: Be prepared to discuss your goals, your medical history, and current treatments, medications and self-care practices. Arrive a little early to settle in and avoid the strain of rushing. Wear comfortable clothing. Very little disrobing will be required. Come as scent-free as possible. Be well hydrated and refrain from eating a heavy meal shortly before your appointment. 

After Your Session: Give yourself time to integrate your session and allow a few hours before engaging in strenuous activity. Lisa may provide specific recommendations to support your healing process.

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