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Hosting a Zero Balancing Class


Reasons to Host a Zero Balancing Class:

  • The course comes to you! No extra expenses and minimal distruption of your practice and personal life.
  • Build your ZB community contacts and energize your study group.
  • Course dates fit in your schedule!
  • By engaging the field of the class as a host you can empower your personal frames and facilitate your learning.
  • Tuition discount in exchange for hosting activities (see below).
  • Possibliity of receiving rental income for providing your space as a teaching space.
  • Opportunities to talk to Lisa and possibly set up time for giving or receiving a ZB, a touch-feedback tutorial or a Certification Program check-out session (may involve fees or offset tuition reduction).

Hosting tasks may include:

  • Promoting the class within your region and to ZB friends from afar.
  • Finding or providing a suitable teaching space. Research rental fees and amenities.
  • Finding or providing access to a natural setting for some of the exercises.
  • If applicable, pick Lisa up from the airport and provide transportation to class.
  • Help set up the space, keep it clean and organized and communicate with the owners of the space.
  • Provide a treatment table and help to gather a sufficient number of tables. May also provide teaching supplies like and easel and newsprint, chairs, tea and snack set-ups.
  • Provide information about lodging and restaurants. If possible help to arrange low-cost, shared or in-people's-homes lodging options.
  • If possible, have Lisa stay overnight with you.


Please contact Lisa ASAP! Thank you.

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