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About Geometry of Healing & Class Hosting


This course is a gateway to advanced work in Zero Balancing. Here we beging to engage patterns of body, mind and spirit that persist in spite of other efforts to address them.

Have you taken Geometry of Healing? If so, do you feel confident of the skills it introduced?

Consider inviting Lisa to come and teach this course in your community.

Lisa's thoughts about Geometry of Healing:

I believe that this course lays a foundation for being able to work directly with fields of energy and for developing a more nuanced skill in performing Zero Balancing. It is an important foundation for the other ZB courses that focus on working with fields of energy.

For me, teaching this program sharpens my ability to fine-tune fulcrums, engage free-standing wave forms, develop and trust my inner feedback signals, and deepen the effectiveness of my ZB sessions. Because this course is so focused on sensory development, attunment with fields of energy and accessing informaiton, it is a real retreat experience, deeply nourishing, expanding and balancing.

Because I want to make this course available to all advanced ZB practitioners, I am willing to travel and compensate local hosts. To schedule and teach this course, I need at least six students (including the host). To ensure that students get the attention they need, I am currently limiting the class size to 10.

Remember, ZBHA members who have taken at least 100 hours of ZB courses receive a tuition discount for repeating this course!

Reasons to Host Geometry of Healing:

  • The course comes to you! No extra expenses and minimal distruption of your practice and personal life.
  • Build your ZB community contacts and energize your study group.
  • Course dates fit in your schedule!
  • By engaging the field of the class as a host you can empower your personal frames and facilitate your learning.
  • Tuition discount in exchange for hosting activities (see below).
  • Possibliity of receiving rental income for providing your space as a teaching space.
  • Opportunities to talk to Lisa and possibly set up time for giving or receiving a ZB, a touch-feedback tutorial or a Certification Program check-out session (may involve fees or offset tuition reduction).

Hosting tasks may include:

  • Promoting the class within your region and to ZB friends from afar.
  • Finding or providing a suitable teaching space. Research rental fees and amenities.
  • Finding or providing access to a natural setting for some of the exercises.
  • If applicable, pick Lisa up from the airport and provide transportation to class.
  • Help set up the space, keep it clean and organized and communicate with the owners of the space.
  • Provide a treatment table and help to gather a sufficient number of tables. May also provide teaching supplies like and easel and newsprint, chairs, tea and snack set-ups.
  • Provide information about lodging and restaurants. If possible help to arrange low-cost, shared or in-people's-homes lodging options.
  • If possible, have Lisa stay overnight with you.


Please contact Lisa ASAP! Thank you.

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About Geometry of Healing & Class Hosting

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